Tiger Photography in national parks around in India. Tiger is one of the most fascinating of all the big cats. Seeing a tiger in the wild is a dream for many wildlife fans and photographing or filming one on every wildlife photographers wish-list.  With their numbers dwindling, Seeing a tiger in wild is difficult but getting a good photograph of a wild tiger takes it to a totally different level of difficulty. It involves a lot of knowledge, skill, intuition and lots of luck and preparation. We at wildlife photo tours take care of most of the aspects of planning involved so our guest can focus on the photography & art bit. Here you will find some information about Tiger Photography in India that may help you prepare for your next tiger tour, from TIPS to Tools and more. This page will evolve in the coming months so Keep visiting to see the more info and new images of tigers as they are added.

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Below are some tiger photographs on tours. Some of them were dreams for ages before getting them right.