Below are some of the Testimonials, Guest Links to Photographs taken on tour and Guest Blogs about Wildlife photo tours experiences from our guests. We are glad to have had guest who are beginners or serious amateurs to full time acclaimed wildlife professionals and even non photographer nature lovers from around the globe from various fields like IT specialist to Doctors to Directors to Professional Wildlife Photographers. You can also read some of the Reviews on Facebook Page.

“Hi Talat,

Thank you for a nice photo tour to India. We got some great shots and we hope other scandinavians also want to come.”— Ole Jorgen Liodden / Bent Olsen, Norway

Ole Jorgen Liodden is Acclaimed Professional wildlife photographer and Nikon ambassador from Norway on wildlife photo tours to bandhavgarh and kanha.

Tigers in India| Naturefokus by Ole Jorgen Liodden

Kanha | Naturefokus by Ole Jorgen Liodden

India Images | Naturfokus by Ole Jorgen Liodden


Thankyou for the great experience. You helped me get some of my best wildlife photos yet. We should meet again but this time in Sri Lanka so we can make sure to get that leopard shot.” — Nathan (United States) and Miki Busscher(Japan) Living in Hongkong.

Nathan Busscher an avid traveller and photographer on Wildlife Photo Tour to bandhavgarh and kanha.

Tigers of India – Photos and Action Packed Tiger Encounters

Kingfisher Fishing in Kanha National Park and other birds of India

Jackal killing a spotted deer

“Hi Talat:

I had a great time on my recent Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh and Kanha. Your patience and knowledge of the local tiger population and terrain enabled us to “get the shot” in prime position for the best light and so that the tigers were headed towards the camera. The little tiger cubs were awesome! I especially liked all the prey animals, raptors, and scenics we got. Thanks for getting me 5 meters away from the male cub. I would have never got that shot without you. I’ll be back again to do it again. Drop me a line if you decide to do Sri Lanka leopards. India rocks! – Gene Covey, USA“

Gene Covey an avid wildlife traveler and photographer on Wildilfe Photo Tour to bandhavgarh and kanha.

Gene’s Images from India on Wildlife Photo Tours

“First wild tiger, greatest wild predator experience of my life and Talat is a great guy.- Jared Gricoskie, USA“

Jared is a wildlife photographer who operates his own private tours Yellow Wood Guiding in the Estes Park, USA

Jared’s Images from India on Wildlife Photo Tours

“Wonderful, Interesting and entertaining time. I learned more about wildlife photography than I thought possible. Talat is a wonderful host and takes care of his clients in every way. Thanks.” — Phillip Renfro, United States.

“Dear Talat,

For us the choice to come to kanha N.P. was a very happy one. Although we could see two tigress only well and one with a kill in its mouth only for seconds within 9 safaris we are fully satisfied with are stay. We saw practically all animals there are to be seen in the park. We had an excellent guide Madan, and a careful, watchfull driver Surendra. Had it been warmer in the mornings on the gypsy we would have left the bed more willingly at 5 a.m.
Mr. Talat you have been a warm hearted welcoming person to us cared very much for our needs so that we felt very relaxed and safe in your company. Instead of photography we benefitted from your knowledge about India and personal experience as we are not so much focused on photography.
Thanks for everything – we will never forget this trip ” — Regula & George Zeigler, Switzerland

“Safari and tiger sightings were better than what I was hoping. Talat taking care of all arrangements was very convenient for me. ” — Satish Joshi, Bangalore, India

“Had a great time with Talat. Learnt a lot in photography. Thanks a lot for all the fun. Cheers.” — Dr Gajanan Kanetkar, Pune, India

“The Best holidays in my life, we saw tigers every day in Tadoba and it was incredible. I recommend it.” — Jenny M. Pino, Spain

“Fine Organization & scheduled trip and always take care of us. Fine accommodation and food. Choose the best park at the moment with plenty of tiger sightings and wildlife. Every time Talat was worried of taking the perfect location for the perfect shot, moving the car whenever was necessary to set for the best light. Very good professional safari driver worried for us all the time.” — Juan Miguel Rodriguez, Spain (

“Had an excellent 5 day trip to kanha with Talat, He speaks excellent English and his knowledge of the forest species and field craft to explore them ensured us some memorable shots. Our highlight was when Munna (Male Tiger) ran straight at us to use our vehicle for hunting deer, Thanks Talat for wonderful memories.” — Gary & Nick Wales, UK, Edinburg