About Wildlife Photo Tours

Wildlife Photo Tours.

Wildlife Photo Tours specializes in private guided wildlife photography tours. It is founded by IT Professional turned Wildlife Photographer Talat Khalid

Who are we?

We are wildlife photographers with more than a decade of experience in wildlife photography. A Photographer understands what other photographers need. Our wildlife destinations are our favorite places so we know which area offers what and in which season.

In short, we try to take care of the needs of Photographers who wish to photograph the Indian wildlife.

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer the best wildlife photography tours that are eco-friendly and at the same time benefit the locals of the region.
We love wildlife and want to explore India’s wilderness and want others to enjoy it as well.

Our Speciality

We offer tours to destinations that we personally know very well. They were selected for their beauty and plenty of wildlife that we want to watch and photograph. We also know which areas of the park offer the best photography opportunities for a species.

Our specialty is tiger photography tours and we know the best tiger destinations. Tigers sightings in each destination are tracked by us, knowing where tigers are and moving helps us have great sightings on our tours. Our Tiger Tours are the best.

Local Involvement

We have found and associated with some good people during our personal photography endeavors. The best local guides, trackers and other people living around these forest across India. Our association with these people has not ended rather we use the same people for our tours. We try to hire local people for all our needs as much as possible. We believe in responsible tourism. Know more about our responsible travel policy.

About Our Tours

We have designed our tours keeping photography in mind. All our tours operate at an easy pace that we believe is necessary for a good wildlife experience. Thus we give more time at each place, instead of hopping around from place to place. Wildlife in our experience requires time and patience.

Each tour itinerary is simple and needs the least travel outside the forest. We spend most of the time on safari watching and photographing wildlife. A tour with us will give you the opportunity to explore and know the place and its inhabitants.

All our tours are accompanied by a professional wildlife photographer. Our tours are a private guided of 2-3 people not more than 5.  Know some of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. You may also know more about our tours from our client Testimonials.

If you wish to know more then contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon.

In Short

To Provide the Best Wildlife Photography Tours.
To promote wildlife awareness and empower the locals.

Our Abilities

Wildlife Photography
Private Guided Tours