Tiger water - bandhavgarh - wildlife photography tours
  • Tiger water - bandhavgarh - wildlife photography tours

Wildlife Photography Tours

Private Guided Wildlife Photography Tours. Designed & led by wildlife photographer Talat Khalid. Nature Lovers or Photographers of any skill level can visit the top wildlife destinations in India. We have the Best Professional Tiger Photography Tours in India. Join us for a fabulous holiday to enjoy some spectacular wildlife.

Tiger closeup Portrait - Ranthambore - Tiger Photography Tours

Tiger Photography Tours

Tiger Photography Tours in India. These are trips in the best tiger national parks. We increase our possibilities by picking the best areas of the reserve for game drives. All our tours are guided by a wildlife photographer, who knows the place and assists in providing the best chances for Tiger Photography. We select the best-skilled guides & drivers when feasible to make your photography chances even better.

Focus on Tigers at Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore – 12 Days/11 Nights

Ultimate Tiger Photography Tour at Bandhavgarh and Tadoba – 12 Days/11 Nights

Tiger Photography Tour at Ranthambore – 6Days/5Nights

Corbett Jungle Stay and Photography Tour – 7Days/6Nights

Bandhavgarh Tiger Photography Tour – 6Days/5Nights

Tadoba Tiger Photography Tour – 6Days/5Nights

Other Wildlife Photography Tours

Other Wildlife Photography Tours

India is a land gifted with a variety of wildlife and birds. We have wildlife photography tours at some of the Top Wildlife Destinations. Trips focus on Asiatic LionOne Horned Rhino, Asian Elephant, Water Buffalo, and Barasingha (Swamp Deer). Each of these trips is designed to give plenty of chances with the wildlife of the parks.

One Horned Rhino - Kaziranga - Wildlife Photography Tours
Leopard Peeping - Bandhavgarh - Short Offbeat Wildlife Photography tours

Short off beat Tours

Short Offbeat Wildlife Photography Tours in India. Add any of these before or after your main tour. Most of these areas are near to some of the main parks we travel and have unique wildlife. Variety of animals include Leopard, Black Buck, Wild Ass, Hoolock Gibbon, Striped Hyena, Indian Wolf, Jungle Cat, Indian Fox, Desert Fox, Golden Jackal and fascinating birds.

Extend any of the original wildlife photography tours with a short trip.

Leopards of Bera and Jawai

Velavadar Blackbuck Tour

Pench Wildlife Tour

Satpura the Hidden Jewel

Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Tour

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Wildlife Photography Tours & Safaris

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